Federal Copyright Registration

Register your Copyright in the United States with just four simple steps through our online form interactive learning and processing system. As part of the Library of Congress, the United States Copyright Office is the official governmental entity responsible for maintaining copyright registration records. Copyright Agency smoothly teaches and manages your submissions, ensuring prompt creation and processing, guaranteeing an accurate and timely response from the government. Your applications are secured with 2048-bit encryption SSL and SHA-2 Certificate, prioritizing data privacy.

  • Immediate Effective Registration: Secure prompt protection for your creative works through our efficient copyright registration process, ensuring immediate legal recognition and safeguarding against infringement.
  • Rapid 24/7 Support: Access round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated support team, providing rapid guidance and resolving any queries or concerns regarding your copyright registration.
  • Full Protection: Ensure comprehensive safeguarding of your creative works against unauthorized use and infringement.
  • Legal Recognition: Gain official recognition and ownership of your intellectual property through our trusted copyright registration service.
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Copyright Registration -- Instant Processing Time

Copyright registration is the legal process through which creators secure copyright protection for their original works, such as books, music, art, and software. This process involves filing the necessary documents and fees with a copyright office, which then reviews the submission for compliance with copyright laws. Upon approval, the copyright holder is granted exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, and display the work, as well as create derivative works. Registering a copyright establishes a public record of the copyright claim, helps in protecting the work from unauthorized use, and may be required to bring a lawsuit for infringement in court. This legal acknowledgment not only reinforces the copyright holder's ownership but also enhances the work's market value and copyright protection.

Our copyright service provides that your work be registered in both a timely manner, with professionalism and rapid support. You will also receive a copyright logo for download. In addition we have live chat support to answer all your questions same day. We also offer a personal copyright professional, committed to guiding you through the process with tailored advice and support for each client. Ensuring you're well-informed and assisted at every step, making the process straightforward and seemless.

Registering your copyright protects your work(s) of original authorship. You will want to start by clicking on “Online Form” and submit your work through our online form processing and learning system.

Upload Your Files

Once you submit the form you will receive an email from us to which you will respond with your file(s) attached. Or you can also request a shipping slip to mail in your work. The shipping slip contains the address to where you will mail your work. Click "Online Form" to begin. Your applications are safeguarded with advanced security measures, including 256-bit SSL encryption and SHA-256 certificates, emphasizing the highest level of data privacy and protection.


Experience Seamless and Immediate Copyright Registration


Once your work is registered, we will send you an email with your service request number and your account information. Your service request number is basically a tracking number for your copyright certificate. Keep in mind that once we register your work, it is protected. You do not have to wait for the certificate to proceed with publication.

  • Stronger Enforcement:

    Registered works qualify for enhanced enforcement measures, providing stronger legal recourse against infringement.

  • Global Coverage:

    Extend your copyright protection worldwide with our services, ensuring your intellectual property rights are upheld internationally. Register now to safeguard your creations confidently.

  • Secure Legal Ownership:

    Don't leave your creative legacy vulnerable – register your copyright today and establish clear legal ownership of your work. Safeguard your artistic rights and preserve the integrity of your creations with a simple, secure registration.



    Schedule a Meeting with a Copyright Registration Professional

    Do you have any questions? Need guidance through the Copyright Registration Process? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly or schedule a meeting with one of our Copyright Registration Support Representitives. Our team of Copyright Claim Experts will guide you step by step and answer any questions you have.