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Step 1: Category

For example: A Literary Work can be a novel, article, essay, manuscript, etc. Examples of Work of the Visual Arts can be artwork, photos, or sculptures. For a sound recording, lyrics, or musical recording. Work of the Performing Arts covers plays, musicals, and musical arrangements. Motion Picture/AV Work examples are movie scripts/screenplays, films, etc. And a Single Serial Issue includes magazines, newspapers, etc.

(Examples: Website, Logo Artwork, Song Lyrics, Literary Work, Photograph(s), Musical Recording, Screenplay, Jewelry Design, Etc.)

Creation and Publication

(If a work has been prepared over a period of time, use the year that the most recent version was completed. You can ignore the time taken to make any minor changes/ adjustments in your work.)

A work is considered published when it is prepared and released for public sale or readership. Note: Publication is not a requirement for copyright registration.